Sunday, April 22, 2007

blanket on its way back to Oregon :)

Hi everyone just letting you all know Ive finished adding my part to the blanket and Im very happy with how it looks. I stitched my part in a Nubbly Tweed 2 stitch, a quick & easy stitch to do. I tried to find some green & gold yarn-Aussie colours -and the yarn I found was as close to it as I could get.

The pic though makes the colours look alot less nicer then what they really are in real life :( sorry about that.

I took the blanket for a quick outing today to grab a few pics of the town, we went to the Blue Lake and to the Lady Nelson tourist centre - its been raining on & off all day so we cut our tour of town short.

but if you want to see more pics of Mt Gambier then be sure to click on our photo galleries 2005~2007 on our blog.

So first thing tomorrow I'll be sending the blanket & some goodies to Fyberduck. I had fun doing the swap, thanks for letting me join in. I cant wait to see progress pics of the blanket as it travels to everyone.

seeya, abe-hap.


Anonymous said...

Yellow and green...our school colors, here at the University of Oregon. (Go, Ducks!)

Please, give us a hint. How big is the blanket so far? What's the gauge? (Sigh, I suppose I'll just have to wait.)


abe-hap said...

well Jodie added a black stip probably about 1 meter long by about 4&1/2 inches wide. My strip Is about 14 inches long and 10&1/2 wide thats at a guess as i didnt measure anything before i sent it.