Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Additional Comments

Hi fellow knitters. Um, the previous entry was ghost written by my 14-year-old son, Thomas. He was helping me post pictures and playing around with me, saying "see, mom, I can totally do your writing style" Then to my horror he clicked on post!

So the pictures are out of order. The first is the section I knitted. Second is an action shot of the blankie being cuddled by Thomas and Ian, who's my nephew and the brightest spot in my day. Third, if I remember right, is the blanket as it is now, headed to Taylor. Fourth is the blanket as it arrived with the goodies that Kim sent along to me. Yay, STR downpour colorway! The Cooking Man in one of the shots is my husband. Love to see that man in the kitchen!

About my knitting... I used Clickheaton Country 8 ply superwash. Lovely sproingly woolly wool. It isn't as soft as the wools you all have been using, and my original swatch was a little firm-ish for the blankie. So I went up a needle size to make it a little more drapey. The double moss stitch that I chose still looks OK, but really looked great in the tighter fabric. There is a scarf in one of the new knitting mags with alternating double moss stitch and garter that was my inspiration.

Blankie is finally on to Taylor!

Hi, finally finished my part of the blanket and I'm ready to pass it on now. Whew! I think it's really looking good now! I was trying to post some pictures with this blog using HTM-whatsit, but unfortunately my computer skills are, well, limited. Remember when we had to use punch cards to run a computer? Oh wait, that was before your time. Well, anyways, I had to employ the um, technical assistance of my son, Thomas. Man, that kid continues to amaze me. He recently told me he wants to be a doctor. I knew he'd come around sometime. Anyways, he helped me set up a Photobucket, and I honestly couldn't tell you what the heck he did. That's the punch-cards speaking right there. Well, tell me if this works (or don't. I'd probably cry.)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hi everyone. I am sure you are all wondering what happened to the blanket! At the time that it came I was desperately trying to finish a couple of projects for upcoming birthdays, so I had to finish those. Then my birthday came, and my dear hubbie swept me away for a little trip (this was a milestone birthday.)
Since then I have been stressing about my addition to this blanket. You wouldn't believe the trouble I had finding purple superwash. I had my heart set on purple, you know. I also wanted soft, but turns out that was asking a little much. Then, I realized I wasn't quite smart enough to figure out how to connect onto two sides at once. The other night in desperation I picked up stitches on a long side, smack in the middle no less, and started knitting, so I wouldn't have to join on a side. Now it looks like I don't play well with others! I just looked at the list of people who are left, and I am not sure there are enough left to fill in all the space I have left.....My husband says "It's knitting, Tammi, not rocket science. Knit it and send it on." I promise, Taylor, that I will send it soon.
And I will email pics to Jodie, so maybe she can post them, since I can't figure out how..