Wednesday, June 27, 2007


The blanket arrived today and I have to say that Carolyn totally went crazy on the gifts for me! What a thoughtful and wonderful package of goodies for me, including some super funny balloons that say "Just Married." I'll take a photo later but I have to tell you those bobbles are quite awesome in person and I am just planning my next move now.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Jodie's Questionnaire

I realized I hadn't answered my own questionaire! The blanket looks awesome, and I know it will make a great addition to the rooms that the kiddos spend so much time in . We are about halfway through our list of destinations!

Here's the Questionnaire to get to know your swap partner better.

What are your Favorite Colors?
Purple and Green. I tend to like earthy colors and like to expand my spectrum.

Do you prefer Solid or Multi Colored Yarns?
I like both for different projects. If it's multi colored I prefer only slight variations.

What fibers do you prefer? Any Allergies?
I like and use everything.

What do you enjoy knitting the most? (socks, mittens, sweaters, etc.)
I always have a pair of socks on the needles, usually some lace, and at least one sweater. I have also really enjoyed doing mittens, hats and scarves, but they haven't been my main focus.

What are your favorite yarns?
So many! I love Lorna's Laces, Socks that Rock, Malebrigo, Ultra Alpaca, and anything unique. I definitely like traditional yarns more than novelty.

What do you enjoy doing outside of knitting?
I love my job as a violin teacher, kayaking, camping, riding my awesome bike, reading, and drinking coffee.

Favorite foods or candies?
Anything with chocolate, especially dark.

Art or Music you enjoy?
I'm a huge Rufus Wainwright fan. I like celtic music, classical, jazz, and Pink Martini.

What inspires you?
I get inspired by the world around me. I really like imitating nature in my knitting (the reason I'm a huge Norah Gaughn fan) and older fashsions made contemporary.

Anything else you want to share?
Thanks for helping make this blanket. If you need more info on me, my blog is the best place to check.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My story, thus far

No doubt, some are wondering what I've been up to. Friends, I cannot tell you how many times I have frogged my square(s). My "multicolored bobble extravaganza" was not, repeat not, a smashing success. (It turns out that a gazillion bobbles may look okay on a wall hanging, or on the hat of a person with strange taste in clothing, but for a blanket...well, it just doesn't work. Totally.)

So...(sniff, whimper) - back to the drawing board. (Whatever could I do??) I tried diagonals. No good. Intarsia. No...still looks bad...OMG, the clock is ticking!

Finally I knew that I had to stop fussing with this, or Jodie will come over here and yank it out of my busy, busy hands.

So. Now. As the last rays of sunset gently illuminate our yard...I think I almost have enough time for a quick photo of Our Blanket, as it is today. Behold, and click to enlarge:

It's Yikes, Stripes, in Mission Falls 1824 superwash merino. And on one end, a little row guessed it. A few bobbles! They look like little mulberries.

Dear Bon, I'm sorry I've kept this so long. (Although I notice that you are enormously busy with other things now!)

And you know what? I wish I could add another piece to this blanket. But I've already kept it for weeks. It is long past time for it to move on.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Let's take a look...

I wanted to post earlier, but sadly, my computer fell ill last night. (Guess I forgot to feed the elves inside.) We're up and running again today, so we're ready for our close-up, Mr. DeMille!

Approximate dimensions as follows:
Center black garter-stitch strip: 4" x 45" (4 cm x 115 cm); Penny's lovely log cabin rectangle, also garter stitch, 7 1/2" x 13" (19 cm x 33 cm); Abehappy's green/gold square, 10 1/2" x 9" (27 cm x 23 cm); Fyberduck's black/green garter-stitch stripes, 10 1/2" x 12" (27 cm x 32 cm). At its widest part, it is now about 21 inches (about 55 cm). The cat wants to sit on it...Shoo!

There's lots of room to grow, here. On close inspection, I discern that there is not enough red in this blanket. Also...not enough bobbles.

My task is clear.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Special Delivery

It's, from New York! Oh, Penny, thank you!!

My friends, I wish that you could see and feel this beautiful work-in-progress. The squares have been made with so much love, so much care. It's incredibly soft. And there are at least a dozen places where I could add my own square.

Needless to say, now that it's my turn...I am terrified.

And what's this...some goodies for me, too! Some colorful rainbow-type yarn, for my Inner Circus Clown (yes, that's me all right!) Enough for socks and a hat and a scarf! And popcorn, too (Penny, how did you know my secret love?? Is the popcorn from Coney Island?? I heart New York!)

But I have to work tonight (don't ask), so I will post some photos tomorrow. And I have to figure out what to add. (I do not want my Inner Circus Clown to take over my project and knit a crazy square, now, do I!?)