Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Ahhhh - what have we here a parcel from Oregon, gee I wonder who that could be from!

Jodie sent me a gorgeous skein of super wash merino yarn from local dye artist Janis Thompson in Eugene, Oregon, so its definitely one of a kind!

The colours are so unusual, and pretty, I love it. It will be made into a very special something for me, and I think Ive already decided on a lovely scarf pattern to use it on.

Also Jodie sent me some CD's music mixes, with some classical & some fun & funky mixes, which I'm listening to right now as I type this, Jodie they are great choices :)

Thank you Jodie for the great gifts, Tomorrow I'll take the blanket strip for a quick tour of town, (pics coming) before we head home and get into some serious knitting time together as I add my part to it.

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Jodie said...

Woohoo! So exciting! I'm glad you liked the yarn and CD mixes! Can't wait to see where it goes and what you add on! Thanks for putting up the pictures.