Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hi, finally finished my part of the blanket and I'm ready to pass it on now. Whew! I think it's really looking good now! I was trying to post some pictures with this blog using HTM-whatsit, but unfortunately my computer skills are, well, limited. Remember when we had to use punch cards to run a computer? Oh wait, that was before your time. Well, anyways, I had to employ the um, technical assistance of my son, Thomas. Man, that kid continues to amaze me. He recently told me he wants to be a doctor. I knew he'd come around sometime. Anyways, he helped me set up a Photobucket, and I honestly couldn't tell you what the heck he did. That's the punch-cards speaking right there. Well, tell me if this works (or don't. I'd probably cry.)

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Jodie said...

The blanket is looking awesome! Thanks for participating and adding to it!.