Thursday, August 30, 2007

with packing, moving back to school, and starting classes, my section of the blanket has taken a little bit longer than i had intended, but it's finally done! while looking at the different sections (which are all gorgeous!), i noticed something very peculiar.... a total lack of stockinette stitch. every square (with the exception of abe-hap's) is done basically in garter stitch! i decided that no blanket could be complete without all the little v's so characteristic of stockinette. i used rice stitch, with the "wrong side" as the front to look somewhat like stockinette without quite as much curling. i think it turned out pretty well. : )

(please ignore the nasty dorm carpet!) kim has just gone on vacation, but when she returns i will be sending the blanket on it's merry way back to oregon. yay!


Jodie said...

It looks great! Thank you so much for adding to this and contributing. Good luck with starting school back up.

Penny said...

Wow that looks great! Good luck with this school year. :)