Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Kyle joins the cause (Howdy Y'all!)

Thanks Jodie for adding me to this fun - here's my questionnaire filled out - I can't wait to get the blanket and add to it - I'm very excited!

you can see my blog at www.kyleknits.blogspot.com to know lots more about me - I'm also on ravelry.com as kunnecke :)

What are your Favorite Colors? - I love fall colors - anything "natural" or

Do you prefer Solid or Multi Colored Yarns? I prefer multi colored yarns (hand dyed or patterned yarns are my favorite; I seem to always knit with brown/blue or green yarns that are hand dyed)

What fibers do you prefer? I prefer natural fibers; wool, alpaca, angora, etc.

Any Allergies? - not really - I even have had yarn spun out of my cat and dog's hair (thanks to www.vipfibers.com) :)

What do you enjoy knitting the most? (socks, mittens, sweaters, etc.) I love knitting sweaters - I have never tried mittens or gloves, and I'm still scared of socks (although I KNOW that I don't need to be scared; it's not that hard!)

What are your favorite yarns? I love handspun or hand dyed yarns - I also love Debbie Bliss - and Noro Silk Garden (working on a blanket of Noro) - weight wise, I have been using lots of dk or sport weight lately - maybe it's just because it's summer :)

What do you enjoy doing outside of knitting? I love playing with my cats and doggies- I have 2 rescue cats - one is missing a leg, the other is missing an eye - both were at rescue groups for months before I got them - I took them home because noone else wanted them - they're the most wonderful pets I have ever owned! I also have 3 dogs - 1 is a rescue (she has issues but we love her) and 2 others that have been in the family for a few years... I love antiquing, I love painting and decorating - and working to help out others - either through charities or just with friends - although I don't do as much of it as I'd like...

Favorite foods or candies? chocolate is yummy - I love peanut butter - I'm not really picky - :)

Art or Music you enjoy? I love experimental and installation art - music wise, I love musicals, country music, pop, 80's, bluegrass, etc. - really almost anything except hard rock or funky 60's bands...

What inspires you? the triumph over struggle, folks who overcome adversity, broken and lost objects that somehow find a new purpose, the restoration efforts of individuals who work to renovate historic properties, the stories and history behind any craft or a person's journey through life and how they came to be who they are - (did any of that make sense?)

Anything else you want to share? if there's anything else you want to know, just email me :) I live in the Los Angeles, CA area - I work full time.... my family is from the south (Indiana/Kentucky area)... I guess that's all for now..

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